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Concluded that once the state tenders the compensation, the land acquisition cannot lapse under Section 24 (2).

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PC - before the Family Court and provisions of Cr.

The admissibility of facts is the most important factor in deciding whether a particular piece of evidence will help in solving the case.

Alternative promise, one branch being illegal.


. Introduction.

C also cannot apply to a person already undergoing a sentence of imprisonment for life and that is why a rule of concurrency is statutorily enjoined under section 427(2) Cr.

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Section 102 (repealed) Section 103 Basis for the assessment of costs; petition for the assessment of costs.


The next important relevant facts were the confessions (sections 17 to section 31) iii.

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Appukuttan Nair, 1993(10 KLJ 725 (DB) case the Kerala High Court held that the special law, the Water Act, did not repeal the law of public nuisance under the Cr.

PC for every enquiry or trial.

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b) Cancellation of instruments section 31 to 33 c) Declaration decree-Section d) All of the above are correct.

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